How can you best use them to help solve the world’s most pressing problems?

We’re a nonprofit that does research to answer this question. We provide free advice and support to help you have a greater impact with your career.

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Key ideas

This introductory series presents the most important findings from our research since 2011. It covers which global problems are most pressing, how you can best contribute to solving these problems, and how to plan your career based on your individual strengths and situation.

Its especially aimed at graduates aged 20-35 who want to ambitiously focus on social impact, though much of it is relevant more broadly.

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Job board

This board presents some of the most promising publicly advertised vacancies we know about. If youre a good fit for one of them, it could be your best opportunity to work on one of the world’s most pressing problems, or to get the career capital you need to have a big impact later.

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Our ongoing research aims to highlight the most important ideas and information you need in order to lead a high impact career.

Problem profiles

The issue you choose to work on is probably the most important factor that determines the expected value of your career. If you want to maximise your chance of having a big positive impact, you should work on an issue thats large in scale, solvable and neglected. Our problem profile series analyses a number of global problems in these terms.

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Career reviews

The highest-impact careers are those which allow you to make the biggest contribution to solving the world’s most pressing problems. Our career review series investigates specific career paths that may do this.

See also our article on roles to consider if you have existing expertise.

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